Thank you for your interest in Gopher Angels.
We applaud your vision and dedication to
building your business.

Gopher Angels is a group of accredited investors who are passionate about creating businesses in Minnesota. GA looks for outstanding entrepreneurs who can turn their vision into a successful business.
In addition to financial support, GA members will provide you with strategic guidance, valuable connections, and business support to
take your company to the next level.

It’s important for both the investor and the entrepreneur to find the
right partner. We want to hear from all passionate entrepreneurs,
but we won’t always be the right fit, but encourage you to apply for funding.



Here is a guide to what makes a “good fit” for our members:

  • Minnesota-based, eligible for MN Angel Tax Credit
    preferred but not required.
  • Raising $50,000 – $1,000,000. For companies raising
    more than $1,000,000, GA prefers you obtain a lead
    investor before applying to Gopher Angels.
  • Demonstrated market validation (beyond a plan): working
    prototype, beta testing and/or revenue generating model.
  • Passionate team with “skin in the game.”