Gopher Angels is a network of accredited investors seeking to invest capital and expertise in early stage Minnesota businesses. Our members make individual investments; this is not a fund.

Gopher Angels members are experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors who have helped build successful ventures.
GA members have diverse industry and business expertise, resulting
in a well-rounded and networked group of experience and talent.

Angel investing is high risk. We seek to create an environment
for more positive results for the investor and the entrepreneur. Collaboration on screening, due diligence, deal negotiation, and investment results in greater economic influence. Entrepreneurs
gain more meaningful financial investments and value-added
angel participation in building their business.




Investment Profile:

  • Promising Minnesota businesses requiring up
    to $1,000,000 to grow to the next funding stage.
  • Industry focus will be determined by strengths
    and interest of members.

The Organization:

  • GA is a member managed organization and works through
    the commitment of volunteer time from its members.
  • GA is a member of the Angel Capital Association.